International Research and Innovation Centre in Intelligent Digital Systems

IRIXYS is an international research and innovation Center in Intelligent Digital Systems created in March 2016 by the departments of computer science of the Universität Passau (Germany), the INSA Lyon (France) and Università degli Studi of Milano (Italy). In addition to research workshops, national and international large-scale projects, IRIXYS support and promotes through the international doctoral college MDPS established in 2008 student academic programmes and joint PhDs. With a focus on multimedia, data security as well as distributed and pervasive systems, IRIXYS aims among others at stimulating disruptive technological innovation.


20+ researchers
15+ nationalities
19 workshops
11 completed joint PhDs since 2009
6  joint PhDs in progress, 16 current associated PhD students
60+ joint publications in international journals
10 double master students/year
3 guest professors/year
€4 mio. R&D funds


Leading Scientists

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University of Passau

Prof. Harald Kosch is full professor, head of Chair for Distributed Systems at the University of Passau since 2006. He is with Prof. Lionel Brunie, the co-founder and director of the Franco-German MDPS doctoral college. His research interests are distributed information and multimedia systems, linked open data clouds as well as distributed information retrieval. Prof. Harald Kosch is member and deputy chairman of the scientific board of the Franco-German University (UFA-DFH) since 2013.
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Università degli Studi di Milano

Prof. Ernesto Damiani is full professor at the Università degli Studi di Milano, director of the PhD program in computer science and head of the SESAR research laboratory. Prof. Damiani is the co-director of the MDPS doctoral college since 2010, when the SESAR laboratory joined the Franco-German consortium. His research works focus among other topics on emergent semantics and knowledge processing, software process analysis and engineering as well as on XML and Web services security.
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Prof. Lionel Brunie is full professor at the INSA Lyon in the Department for Informatics since 1998. He is the co-founder and co-director of the MDPS doctoral college with Prof. Harald Kosch. He has been leading the team DRIM at the LIRIS laboratory since 2008. His research activities concern data management in pervasive and ubiquitous environments, security and privacy and collaborative multimedia systems.



IRIXYS integrates a joint research and innovation agenda supported by collaborative projects, a set of joint initial, continuing and research education programs, and scientific and technological knowledge dissemination activities. Furthermore, IRIXYS strive to strengthen early-stage research with a Franco-German academic program PhD-Track. The program including a double master degree ideally prepares students for a PhD in the doctoral college MDPS. Though not exclusive, three scientific topics structure the activities of the Centre:

  • Big Data analytics and Cognitive Computing
  • data traceability, trust, and privacy
  • collaborative distributed systems

Privileged application and dissemination fields of the Centre are:

  • e-humanities and cultural heritage (area of excellence of Passau and Lyon)
  • e-health (area of excellence of Lyon and Passau)
  • digital services and multimedia (area of excellence of Milan and Passau)

Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing

Data traceability, Trust and Privacy

Collaborative Distributed Systems


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